Corporate and Institutional Training

Technology is innovating and expanding at an exponential rate. It’s difficult to grasp how dramatic is the growth of n*n*n*…….
There is an ancient Persian tale of the inventor of the game of chess, when the King was presented with the chessboard he felt so delighted that he offered a gift to the creator. The inventor asked for grain of rice. He requested for a single grain of rice on the first square, and requested to double the grain of rice for each next square. The emperor readily agreed and believed that he had gotten off easy.

But the net result? For the final square alone, the king owed 2 to the power 64, i.e. 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 grains of rice. The entire country’s wealth was offered to keep the promise.

As Technology impacts the shape of our lives, it influences the people we stay in contact with, the type of information we consume, the way we consume it, and what information we need to generate with it.

Experts familiar with technology often refer to “Moore’s Law” named for the Intel co-founder Gordon Moore who postulated it in 1965. He predicted that transistors on processors (used for processing power) would double every two years. Many predicted this would be a short-term law and could not continue for long. Yet nearly 50 years later, it is still continuing.

Technology’s exponential growth rate specifies that we are now accomplishing in one year what took centuries in ancient history. The extent of innovation that is occurring these days even at this moment is truly staggering. We are truly in the midst of an explosion of technology.

For those of us who are tasked with running an organization successfully, it can be daunting, even overwhelming, to consider all the technology available today to say nothing of what’s coming tomorrow. It’s easy to be too conservative. It’s also easy to focus on new innovations and neglect the important fundamentals.

With technologies changing more rapidly than our thought, the biggest IT challenge for companies is to find appropriate ways to remain competitive to stay ahead in industry. Adding to it the money, time and resources spent on staff training, only to feel the same obsolescence set in again within few months, it's a script organization worst nightmares are made up of.

Network Valley is offshore IT training company, which is there to help you out. We understand individual concerns and provide corporate training solutions keeping in mind the needs and constraints of an organization. Our talented and energetic certified trainers offer exceptional pre and post training support, so that you are not only satisfied but feel delighted towards our services.


  1. Network Valley have source of IT trainers in almost all popular technologies EC-Council, Microsoft, Cisco, F5 Load Balancer*, Oracle*, Oracle Apps*, VMware*, Red Hat*, Check Point*, Citrix and more.
  2. Pool of qualified and experienced corporate trainers who are well versed with the industry.
  3. Training Needs Analysis and Assessment to identify the correct level and intensity of the course required by your organization.
  4. Customized and flexible training solutions to well suit the needs of every corporate client.
  5. Network Valley corporate training services ensure that your company doesn't lose out its competitive edge and your staff is well equipped with appropriate skills and expertise to face any challenge. We conduct onsite and offsite trainings for our corporate clients in India, including MNCs, Fortune 500 companies, Embassies, Government Organizations etc.