Placement Records of NETWORK VALLEY

And may more small company hired for training and jobs for delhi and up campus. Network Valley also placed 2nd and 3rd year students who need jobs during the study, who has been completed his/her 18 years. Specially those candidates who can’t afford 2nd year and 3rd year college fees. We placed them in a company, so he/she can continue study along with jobs.

Experts familiar with technology often refer to “Moore’s Law” named for the Intel co-founder Gordon Moore who postulated it in 1965. He predicted that transistors on processors (used for processing power) would double every two years. Many predicted this would be a short-term law and could not continue for long. Yet nearly 50 years later, it is still continuing.

Technology’s exponential growth rate specifies that we are now accomplishing in one year what took centuries in ancient history. The extent of innovation that is occurring these days even at this moment is truly staggering. We are truly in the midst of an explosion of technology.

For those of us who are tasked with running an organization successfully, it can be daunting, even overwhelming, to consider all the technology available today to say nothing of what’s coming tomorrow. It’s easy to be too conservative. It’s also easy to focus on new innovations and neglect the important fundamentals.

With technologies changing more rapidly than our thought, the biggest IT challenge for companies is to find appropriate ways to remain competitive to stay ahead in industry. Adding to it the money, time and resources spent on staff training, only to feel the same obsolescence set in again within few months, it's a script organization worst nightmares are made up of.